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We honor students who have gone beyond the call of Duty.

  • Lori Pino, friend and aide extraordinaire.
  • Clara Sneed, my first apprentice.
  • Kimmy of the Northwest, Orthopedic and Pediatric Nurse
  • Anne of Maryland, East coast aide extraordinaire.
  • Virginia of Pennsylvania, East coast aide extraordinaire.
  • Yael of the Southwest via Israel, herbalist of two deserts.
  • Joe Schilling of Fallon Nevada, Knife maker to the Plantman.
  • Chuck Acker, Survivor of the Battle of Black Point.
  • Dr. Tania Neubauer ND, teacher and new mother from Portland.
  • Eric Smith of China, a long way from the Motherlode.
  • Lauren Samuels of San Francisco, via Israel, via Britain, first
     graduate of the Street Herbalism Course. Sorry I ever doubted you.
  • Missy of the South Bay, Magic heart, magic hands.
  • Kaya Kismet, teaching a new generation about the outdoors.
  • Kiva Ringtail Rose, herbalist of the magic mountains, blogger extraordinaire.
  • Jesse Wolf Hardin, husband to Kiva Ringtail Rose, herbal mountain man, author.
  • Gwendolyn Garcia, (no relation!), courageous on many fronts.
  • Lauren Stauber, for her commitment to the path.
  • Roane Simkin, herbal historian and webmaster, unwavering believer.

Our Purpose

The California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism officially opened its doors in January of 1998 in the San Francisco east bay city of Richmond, California, to teach and preserve the healing traditions of the Hispanic curanderos and curanderas (folk healers) of California.

Primarily offering classes in herbalism, the school also stresses an understanding of Curanderismo, the healing techniques and philosophies of Native-Hispanic California.  The cross-cultural influences of European and Asian herbs, along with the use of native plants, made California Curanderismo a unique and potent healing medium.  These practices also include the use of intuitive diagnosis skills, psychoactive plants, ritual and magic.

Charles and Lori Teaching at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference 18-20aug2015

"Curandero, herbalist, rebel, and street medic, Charles Garcia,
who also happens to be a close personal friend and one of my very first teachers. Teaching at the 2015 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference with Lori Pino"

- Kiva Rose  9-22-2015    facebook link

Director, Traditions in Western
Herbalism Conference
Editor, Plant Healer Magazine

border by Roane

facebook link My first class with you, Doc....unforgettable. I told a friend that you can judge the legend of an herbalist, not by just how full the room is, but by how many other teachers are in the room. There is no doubt, you are legendary! And very entertaining lol

- Cyndi Hughs  9-21-2015

Traditions in Western Herbalism Chuck Teaching photo by Paul Manski 20sep2015

"Doc Garcia at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, Cloudcroft, NM"

- Paul Manski 9-20-2015 from facebook

border by Roane

Charles, Lori, and Ash at Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference 20aug2015

Charles 'doc' Garcia, Director & Curandero,
Lori Pino, Curandera & past Apprentice,
Ash Ritter, Apprentice         facebook link

facebook link If you're smiling and nodding at The Kermit, you will enjoy California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism!

The Kermit by Pagan Humor Because we Get It

- Pagan Humor Because We Get It

 from facebook
Traditions in Western Herbalism Group Photo 18-20aug2015 from Dara Saville

"Just returned from yet another inspiring weekend of herbal learning at the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference. Many thanks go out to Wolf and Kiva Rose for all the hard work involved with organizing this event. This year's conference was another round of agonizing over what classes to take and which to miss. The highlight of the weekend for me was attending Charles Garcia's unbelievable class on Poisonous Plants. The session began with him ingesting toxic Monkshood (which he can do because he is a trained professional!), leaving us all dramatically clinging to the edges of our seats. It was akin to watching a magic show! The class continued with doc Garcia's powerful storytelling. He related tales of people unknowingly ingesting or misusing these potent plants, which directed my emotional experience all over the spectrum enabling us to experience the true nature of these plants. I laughed uproariously as he described unsuspecting dinner guests reduced to hallucinogenic chicken impersonations and I cried as I imagined his mother's severe arthritic pain treated by being packed in Nettles for days. Thank you Doc Charles Garcia for a powerful lesson in the magic of herbs, human ignorance, and the compassion of dedicated healers. — with MaryLou Singleton, Kiva Rose, Jessi T Walsh and Jenn Atkins."

- Dara Saville  9-22-2015

Instructor, Albuquerque Herbalism

Over the years I have received support from many people, not only about my herbalism, but also about the life I lead. My friends and family, who have always loved and supported the aims of this somewhat odd and troubled man. My mom, Martha Navarro Garcia, in her last years shared a great deal of knowledge about her father, her childhood, and her belief in the goodness of the universe. Adam Seller, who was my first guide into modern herbalism and became a mentor and friend as well.

And last, but not least, those teachers in grade school, high school and college who believed I'd do something good in my life.

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