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 Typical Class Sequence

  1. Introduction to Traditional California Hispanic Herbalism
  2. Ten Herbs
  3. Intermediate California Hispanic Herbalism
  4. Advanced California Hispanic Herbalism
  5. Curanderismo, Magic, Ritual, and the Paranormal
  6. Grandma Garcia's Healing Foods & Recipes
  7. Case Studies
  8. California Hispanic Materia Medica
  9. Guerilla Herbalism

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getting here

Coming to School

Unless otherwise specified, all classes are held in a private home in Richmond, California. The classroom is informal. Notebooks or recording devices are suggested. Healthy snacks and refreshments are served at every class. 

scheduled classes

2017 Classes

hands-on, first class!

Beginning Hispanic Herbalism

5 Tuesdays.  Beginning Class, with a new emphasis on hands-on projects each week, including an evening of herbal soap making taught by Linda Garcia.

Register via e-mail:

This is the prerequisite for intermediate and advanced classes.

Advance registration is required.

evening classes

Evening Classes

Evening classes meet once each week, for the number of sessions specified.

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Introduction to California Hispanic Herbalism

beginning hispanic herbalism class

Five Sessions  Students will learn the fascinating history of herbal medicine as practiced by Hispanic healers by making teas, washes, medicinal vinegars, and some healing foods. One class will be dedicated to the spiritual aspects of curanderismo.

The class is taught by third generation curandero Charles Garcia and curandera Lori Pino. The course will be one Tuesday evening for five consecutive weeks. Bring notebooks, camera if you have one, or a recorder. Healthy snacks will be provided along with teas and soft drinks.

This course is a prerequisite for all other classes offered at the school.

There is no prerequisite for this class.

Three student minimum.   $185  also HH online  

hands on

Ten Herbs

ten herbs class materials

Eight Sessions.  A popular class amongst past students, Ten Herbs will cover well known and less known plants used in Hispanic California healings both from Europe and Native American cultures.

Ten herbs, some well known, some a bit more esoteric, discussed in detail with an occasional companion herb. Whenever possible the herb will be made into a medicine, food, by the students. This course will focus on multi-purpose herbs and their use in various types of healing; physical, psychological, and spiritual when appropriate.

There is no prerequisite for this class.

Three-student minimum.   $350  also HH online  

continuing students, hands-on

Intermediate Hispanic Herbalism

Ten sessions.  Ten weeks of learning the nuts of bolt of hands-on herbalism. This course will provide the student skills in more intricate medicine making, caring for younger clients, older folks, and minor emergency care. This will broaden the student's understanding of ritual, colors, aromas, and healing foods.

Introduction to California Hispanic Herbalism
is a strongly suggested prerequisite.

Three student minimum.  $325

experienced students only

Advanced California Hispanic Herbalism

Advanced Class Whiteboard 1-5-2015

13 Sessions.  A thirteen-week course (with appropriate breaks for holidays) for the student who plans to incorporate herbal healing(s) on a daily or professional level.

This course covers treatment of chronic illnesses, the problems of the elderly, terminal issues, causes of depression and spiritual troubles often causes by modern society. Recipes for healing meals will be discussed, cooked, and served. Incorporated into this class will be the creation of small indoor gardens. One class will be dedicated entirely to ritual and spiritual healing.

This course is a prerequisite for Case Studies.

Intermediate California Hispanic Herbalism is strongly suggested.

Four-student maximum.   $400

for the smart, strong, and brave

Street Herbalism Boot Camp!  * new in 2015! *

guerilla herbalism bootcamp

15-to-18 Sessions  plus at least one MANDATORY Saturday class.

Everything you need to be an Emergency Street Herbalist will be taught in high-energy, intensive lessons. This is the Special Forces or Black Ops course for the school. Students will be taught to make soup outdoors on a windy day, pick herbs from sidewalk cracks and driveways, liberate herbs from parks and other open areas, learn how to create secret urban gardens, how to use herbs to cope with water-borne diseases, how to create an herbal first-aid survival kit, how to avoid being 'seen' in bad or dangerous neighborhoods, the proper way to create a squat in an abandoned building, and some quick and nasty hand-to-hand fighting techniques, along with practical wound treatment.

This course is only for students who want a fast, intensive mental boot camp practicum to help themselves, their loved ones, and the disadvantaged. Be it earthquake, societal breakdown, or major terrorist attack, students will be able to fend for themselves and others for a long period of time.

Students will need to have a notebook available at all times, sketching tools or a camera (to record herbs and locations), a haversack (either 19th century replica or modern military version as shown on the website), a Sierra cup and spoon or spork, and a reliable pocket knife. Eventually the student will need to purchase a simple military chem stove (easily availabe at army surplus outlets or online), and a sheath knife that will be described in class.

There will be practical testing on making herbal medical supplies from available materials, including those carried on their person.

There is no prerequisite for this class. This course will be considered a prerequisite for Guerilla Herbalism.

Three student minimum. Maximum seven students.   $450

the early 1800s

California Herbalism in the Days of Zorro!

Zorro! Charles and Lori

Three Sessions. For those of us who grew up with the Disney version of Zorro, Guy Williams will always be the man behind the mask. Antonia Banderas was only a pale imitation.) Part story, part herbal primer, this online class covers the uses of herbs when Spanish California was becoming Hispanic California…a time when the Spanish province had to be self sufficient, and in doing so, developed an independent culture. For the herbalist with a taste for the historical; this was a time when European and Native healing had melded into something unique.

There is no prerequisite for this class.  Three student minimum for the in-class course.

$275 in class ($220 online) also HH online  

intermediate-advanced level

Curanderismo, Magic, Ritual, and the Paranormal

5 sessions.  An intense five-week course delving into the multi-layered beliefs of the Hispanic populace and Hispanic healers. This includes healing ritual, rituals used by brujos and brujas (dark practitioners), the danger of using half-understood rituals without training, investigations into hauntings, possession, psychic illnesses, and the use of psychotropic plants.

Discover how the old ways of dealing with brujeria (witchcraft) and malevolent spirits were addressed under the quise of Catholicism, and how these rituals co-existed with herbalism, hands-on healing, and eventually the modern science of parapsychology.

Not for the faint of heart!  $325

new class!

Medicine Making: Old and Modern Methods for Ancient Remedies

Six Sessions.  Originally offered only to post-advanced students this six class course will cover various ways of making salves, menstrums, decoctions, poultices, plasters, syrups, medicinal candies, and other remedies (including beverages), used by the director's late mother Martha Navarro Garcia.

This is a hands-on course requiring students to be on time and stay the entire length of the class. Everything from medicinal wines, plasters, hot and cold infusions, to powdered herbs, will be taken home by the students. Mortar and pestles, coffee grinders, metatas, mini-Cusinarts, and juice makers will be used. Students are encouraged to bring their own if they have them. Due to the intensive nature of this course classes will start on time.

Three student minimum. Six student maximum   $425

tread with care

The Poison Path, the Healing Trail

Three classes.  Many herbs and minerals which are poisonous were used for healing. Did they work? And if so, should they still be used? How do you use them correctly, and when? What are the risks? How do you tell when someone used them wrong, on purpose? Enjoy lectures from someone who knows. (No samples will be given.)   $210

clinical level

Case Studies

Eight Sessions.  For advanced students or by invitation. A purely cerebral course. Students will be given two case studies per class to discuss the best treatments. These will be past or current cases. Occasionally a historic case study will be could be a politician, movie star, athlete, an infamous personality, but will be someone you should know. This person may even appear (in costume) to give you direct answers!

Advanced California Herbalism is a prerequisite for this class.

Three student minimum.   $350

comprehensive class

The California Hispanic Materia Medica

10 classes. A comprehensive list of herbs and plants used by California healers from the Spanish mission period to the mid 20th century, with a special emphasis on native plants of the San Francisco bay area. Some hands on will be required.  4 student minimum.   $350  also HH online  


Guerilla Herbalism: Healing On the Street

12 to 15 weeks. A twelve-to-fifteen week course to teach skills in treating the homeless, observational diagnosis, avoiding the police and sociopaths, making quick medicines from available plants from yards, lots, parks, and developing a carry pack for your gear. Not for the idealistic. Only for the tough.  4 student minimum.   $425  also HH online  

 critical insights 

 One-Day Classes


Disaster Trauma Care and Herbal Support


chamomile-corn-lavender-rosemary-cinnamon cnl by Chuck 10-26-2015

One Saturday.  The Big One/Cat 6 hurricane/zombie apocalypse/global economic collapse has finally hit. 911 is not available. And won’t be for days/weeks/months/ever.

This one day, very intensive class, will focus on what to do in an emergency or disaster situation before the herbal tea/poultice/tincture, and what herbal support to provide during and after to speed healing and regain health.

Topics covered will include:

  • – Environmental injuries/illness (hypo/hyperthermia, long-term cold/wet immersion issues)
  • – Biological injuries/illnesses (vector and water borne illnesses, animal bites, unfriendly plants)
  • – Soft tissue injuries (lacerations, punctures, impaled objects, etc.)
  • – Bone and joint injuries (fractures, sprains)
  • – Quick patient assessments and triage where there are multiple patients

Herbal Topics will include:

  • – Neighborhood herbs for quick use
  • – Pre-disaster herbal garden.
  • – The use of teas and tinctures
  • – Herbs for emotional trauma
  • – Herbs for severe injuries including gunshot wounds

For the first time, Charles Garcia and his wife Linda will combine their skills to offer a one-day class in emergency disaster trauma care.

Charles Garcia 2015

- is a long time prepper and survivalist, a member of Herbalists Without Borders,
  who continues his street practice among the homeless of Richmond California.

Linda Garcia 2008

- is a nationally certified EMT and a member of the
  Contra Costa Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team and a long-
  time teacher of disaster and wilderness first aid with the
  Red Cross and Sierra Club.

Note that this is a hands-on class with lots of skills practice. Please dress in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

The class will be held in a private home in Richmond, California; not a classroom. Bring a notebook or recorder if you wish. Be prepared for various disaster scenarios.


Prayer and Meditation with an Herb

One Saturday. Come join us for a more gentle aspect of healing. We will calm your mind with a drum, the smell of a plant, and its quiet essence. Not for cynics. A class good for stressed-out healers.

Bring a comfortable pillow or yoga mat. This class may be taught in the evening in front of a small wood burning stove. Small amounts of wine will be served along with tea. Come join us. $100


Stories of Curanderismo

Single Session. Personal and family stories of the healings of three generations of Curanderismo, Grandpa, Mama, and Son. This will include some tales of terror and is not for weak of heart.

Learn about plants, foods, prayer, and rituals in a very personal way. Bring snacks.  $175

¡en el Día de los Muertos!

Hispanic Folklore: Ghosts Stories, Shapeshifters, and
Creatures of the Night.

skeleton earrings

One Saturday. On el "Dia la Muertos", the Day of the Dead, we will cover the rich legacy of the supernatural celebrated on this day.

Traditional treats will be served to increase the ambience; Mexican chocolate, Pan Dulce, and Dulce Calaveras (candied skeletons.) Topics to be covered will be brujeria (witchcraft), revenatos (ghosts), esperitos (spirits), and the numerous types of shapeshifters that hide in Hispanic folklore.

Included in these topics will be the role curanderos and curanderas play in keeping their communities safe.

Be prepared for stories that would keep Stephen King up at night!  

4 student minimum.  $40 donation asked.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

 special care 

Postpartum Care

Single Session.

In her day Martha Navarro Garcia was a renown partera which badly translates into midwife. Along with catching babies she was deeply concerned about postpartum issues. Her son Chuck (Charles) Garcia has taken a deep interest in this and wants to share it. So in honor of his mother's work, Charles offers this class.

Come learn how to improve vaginal healing from a difficult birth, how to improve postpartum anemia and improve breast milk along with other interesting issues. This will include healing foods, color, and floral aromas.  $150

 a different take 

Herbs for Depression

One Saturday.

Join us for herbal teas and tinctures that can support medications for those who are chronically depressed, or those who cannot get or afford medications.

Bring your notebooks and taste buds. This is a subject close to Charles, a chronic depressive who has survived by various psychological methods, medications and herbs. Deeply personal, funny, and uplifting.  $150

every-day herbalism

Kitchen Remedies

kitchen labeled bottles

Single Session. A popular class over the years, Kitchen Remedies is a shorter version of Grandma Garcia's Healing Foods and Recipes.

This class covers the culinary herbs you probably have in your kitchen which have been used for generations for healing various health problems. This includes the use of rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, and yes, even the humble mustard plant!

Be prepared for for some tasty surprises.   Three student minimum.  $75

includes a neighborhood herb walk!

Disaster Preparation & Herbal First Aid

Single session.

The Big One - what will it be? We will cover the quakes, ice storms, quarantines for severe infectious diseases like the 1918 influenza, bug-out strategies, and for fun - what's the point of surviving if there's not going to be any fun? - the ever popular zombie apocalypse! Learn how to be prepared, with common-sense advice and appropriate preparation.

Let's face it, in the San Francisco area we live at Ground Zero for the next major quake. We also become complacent as the years roll by and nothing happens. But it will, and more than likely we won't be prepared.

A class for those who call the bay area home, who enjoy herbal medicine, and who plan to survive beyond the 72 hours the government says it will take to get help from the authorities.

A full-day class, with an herb walk in the neighborhood! Three student minimum.  $50

for preppers

Herbalism for the "Prepper" and the "Survivalist"

image preppers chuck's mini-garden

Single session. Originally a controversial topic in the early days of the school, preparing for disasters and long term survival issues has been in the forefront of the American mindset since Hurricane Katrina humbled local, state, and national rescue efforts. The guideline of preparing for 72 hours without aid is no longer valid.

This class assumes the survivor will prepare in practical ways but will need help in using herbs.

Topics include:

  • What herbs to find.
  • How to use them.
  • The use of healing weeds.
  • Preparing a nitty gritting herbal first aide kit.
  • Growing an indoor herbal garden.

Two student minimum, five student maximum.  $75

prep plus a short herb walk

Disaster Preparation - Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Single (½-day) session.

The Big One - be it earthquake, ice storm, quarantine for a virus like the 1918 influenza, or Zombie apocalypse, learn how to be prepared.

A class for those who call the bay area home, and who plan to survive beyond the 72 hours the government claims it will take to get help from the authorities. Learn what to consider beforehand, and how to prepare adequately for the unknown.

Look forward to a short neighborhood herb walk! Combine this class with the afternoon Herbal First Aid for Survivalists (& "Preppers") for the full preparedness seminar at a Special Price!

Two student minimum.  $40 or Special Price! Morning & Afternoon sessions (byo lunch): $70.

herbal first aid

Herbal First Aid for Survivalists (& "Preppers")

Single (½-day) session.

This class builds on the morning's disaster preparedness lesson and herb walk. Students will learn a practical approach to using herbs, as we discuss:

  1. What herbs to find.
  2. How to use them.
  3. The use of healing weeds.
  4. Preparing a nitty-gritty herbal first aide kit.
  5. Growing an indoor herbal garden.

Look forward to learning about herbal first aid kits. Combine this class with the morning Disaster Preparation - Before the Zombie Apocalypse for the full preparedness seminar at a Special Price!

Two student minimum.  $40 or Special Price! Morning & Afternoon sessions (byo lunch): $70.

hands-on prep

Making Your Own Bug-Out Kit (72-Hour Survival Kit)

bug-out kit contents

Single session.  A bug-out bag is a carry bag with enough common-sense items to see you through the first 72 hours of a disaster. Because when you want to spend your time helping others in need, you need to be ready to go!

Several bags will be available for FREE to the first students in the door. Some supplies will be given out FREE. Four student minimum. 

for healers

Death and Dying: Coping Techniques for the Healer

Single session. 

This intensive one day class offers insight and techniques for the healer who works with terminally ill clients or has experienced multi deaths in their practice. Case studies will be discussed as well as tips to notice suicidal tendencies among colleagues. This class was built upon experience, study, and the input from hospice workers.

plan ahead well

Sheltering in Place — The Mini Herbal Garden

Single session.

A class and discussion on the most important herbs IMHO to have in a disaster. Indoor and outdoor gardens, tinctures, compresses, and plasters. Three student minimum.  $75


yikes! no insulin?

Traditional Herbs for Diabetes

Single session.

What herbs can help you live better with Diabetes? How do you manage blood sugar levels and energy for all your patients? What do you do if there is no insulin available, such as after a disaster? How do you help immune-compromised patients with Diabetes? Learn of both the simple and esoteric herbs for the control of diabetes as used by California Hispanics and some southwest native peoples. Three student minimum.  $75

aging beautifully

Traditional Herbs for Menopause

Single session.

A one-day weekend class. An open class to any woman. Previous herbal courses are not necessary.

Lori Pino will discuss the various plants used in Hispanic culture to ease a woman into menopause. These will include plants that deal directly with hormonal issues, herbs to help emotional issues, and other herbs to help maintain a comfortable balance in every day life.

This is a full day class beginning at 10:30 a.m., so bring a snack to share. Four student minimum.  $75


Traditional Herbs for PTSD

Two Sessions.

Long before the terms "shell shocked", "battle fatigue", or "post-traumatic stress" entered the English language in the 20th century, Hispanic healers recognized the aftereffects of combat.

Long years of revolution took a toll on returning men AND women. The techniques used to reintegrate these individuals are just as valid today. This includes herbs, hygiene, counseling with the healer, and when necessary a limpia.

This will be taught over two consecutive weekends, starting at 10:30 a.m.

Three student minimum.  $150

1- and 2-day weekend classes

Weekend Intensives

Weekend classes meet both Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend.


The Zombie Apocalypse and Survival Herbs

2 Weekend Days.  Yep. You read that right. While I don’t believe in zombies (yet) I do believe in preparations for disasters and pandemics. If you don’t have a pharmacy while you’re on the run THIS is the class for you.

Learn how to recognize an herb/weed and how to use it to save your life. See how water can be purified and used for teas, washes, and dehydration. And you might get the chance to learn how to fight a zombie! “Brains!”

Bring a snack.   $175

 yummy foods 

Grandma Garcia's Healing Foods & Recipes

image kitchen remedies 005table

A fun and gentle class delving into the healing foods and recipes of the late Martha Navarro Garcia. In her last years she shared many of these recipes with her son who presents them now for you.

A treat for those who enjoy Hispanic cooking and healing foods. Some surprises for those who think they know all about Hispanic spices and spicing. Come hungry because the staff will be cooking up a storm. Healing drinks, foods, and dinners. What more can you ask for. Do to the outlay of the materials (food!) this class is bit more expensive than others.

There is no prerequisite for this class.  Four student minimum.  $140


Practical Defense for Street Herbalists

Practical Self Defense - Survivalist Joe Schilling knives

You read that right. Too many of Charles’ friend and students have been assaulted. Those with martial arts won’t need this. But those who haven’t considered ways to quickly fight back with whatever is upon them might want to consider this class. Charles is not a martial artist, but he did practice street herbalism on the mean streets of Richmond for fifteen years. This required him at times to protect himself and his homeless client many times. While he is still healthy enough to teach his methods of protection, he’d like to pass this on.

For those squeamish about knives, get over it. (This will help!) If you want to practice street herbalism this will save your life.

Bring notebooks and anything you usually carry with you.  $175


How to Deal With Death and Dying

2 Weekend Days. This course is generally taught to healers or those who often work with the terminally ill. For this time this is open to the public. In past years it has been well attended with hospice nurses, professional home caregivers, and few physicians. Yes, some herbs help, but other things help more.

Come join us and hear Charles' occasional radical ideas and methods; it can't hurt. Bring snacks.  $200

topics on request

Special Weekend Classes

Charles teaches Special classes and lectures on various topics in Traditional Hispanic herbalism by request. These can be arranged for groups of five persons or more.

ritual tools on blue cloth

Charles is happy to speak in your home or to your organization with reasonable notice. To set up a Special Weekend class, suggest the topic as it pertains to herbalism or curanderismo, and he will let you know if he lectures on it, along with the costs for the class and associated travel fees.

Recent topics for Weekend Classes have included:
  • Bugging IN
  • The Curandero and Holistic Health
  • Coping With Death & Dying for the Caregiver
  • Kitchen Remedies
  • Herbal First Aid Kits
  • The Healing Garden
  • Herbalism for 'Preppers' & 'Survivalists'
  • Herbalism for Cooks: The Herbs in your Kitchen

To Schedule Special Weekend Classes, contact
Charles at

REGISTER via e-mail for classes and events.  

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To register for classes or arrange special classes or guest lectures,

 paypal square pmts2
e-mail curandero50
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  phone: 510-672-7849
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Advance registration is required for all classes.

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