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Herbs, Case Studies, and Historical Personages

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Herbs, Case Studies, and Historical Personage  Part 1   Wednesday May 3th 6:30-9:30 PM


Have you ever wondered how the healers of old diagnosed the sick. Sometimes they were right and sometimes they 

were wrong. But overwhelmingly they were right. From traditions and observation our ancestors treated the sick 

under difficult circumstances. And only until recently have most been safe prosecution. 

Using techniques from native and Hispanic healers we will use actual case studies to determine the proper course of treatment. 

These will even cover treatments for psychological and substance abuse issues. No one needs to have prior knowledge of 

herbalism for this class. All case studies will have treatment plans. 

Further, a few famous people might show. 

Bring notebook or recording device. This class will start on time. 

This is an 8 week session and will cost $210. Check, cash, or money order is acceptable.