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Herbs Walk in Samuel P. Taylor State Park, Marin 11:00-2:30 Saturday March 22

Herb Walk in Samuel P. Taylor State Park  Saturday March 22  11:00-2:3o


Come join us for an easy walk in this lovely cove of redwoods to see what flora the native Americans and Hispanic

might have used for food and healing. Weather and conditions permitting we will walk along a well established trail

and see if the laurel is in bloom, the trillium has survived the rains, the native California blackberry has come back, and 

the amount of usnea on the branches and more. 

After a discussion by a hollowed redwood used as a classroom for many years we will eat lunch there and enjoy the

smell of the park.

Please bring a lunch, water, note book, and check book. Cost for this walk is $30,