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Herbs, Diagnosis, and Observation

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Herbs, Diagnosis, and Observation 1

           In movies, documentaries, novels, and works of anthropologies a native healer is able 

to diagnose (with surprising accuracy) a myriad of illnesses known to that particular culture.

What is seldom shown or given short shift is the skills the healer has learned. 

As herbalist we must rely on the information given by our clients and what they many have

been told by their primary physicians. Sometimes that is not enough.

This course is for beginners who wish to learn the skill of diagnosis through observation of 

the body and the proper combination of herbs for various conditions. Students will learn the

art of “SEEING” the whole client through the sheen or cracks in the skin, smell and color of the

mouth, color of urine, reaction to sweet, bitter, and salty items, and a whole slew of techniques.

Starting with “Tracking.” To train the eye one must begin with nature. 

This is a nine to ten week course with one Saturday morning class for the tracking exercise. Be 

prepared for more plants used by our Asian and Native American brethren. This will also include

the use of psychotropic plants in the aid to observation. 

Beginning September 26, Tuesday 7pm to 9pm

At 2801 Lincoln Avenue, Richmond CA 94804

Cost $250 (two payments can be arranged if necessary)